Public Resume

Christopher Jesus


DataFest 2019 at Summit LLC: I worked in a group of 4 undergraduates for just about under 2 days trying to find insights from a large, rich, and complex data set using statistical packages in python (mainly pandas). I had the most fun listening to other advanced groups present their findings since my data analysis skills at the time were fairly basic.


DATA 370DD Class Project: This semester long class project emulated the life of a data scientist. I was tasked with coordinating with a business partner, conducting data analysis, and conveying back results and recommendations in a timely and palpable manner.

08/2019 – 12/2019

DataFest 2021 at Summit LLC: For a little less than 48 hours, I worked in a group of 3 tasked with extracting insights from data that was flawed to begin with. We were only able to construct a machine learning classifier in the time, but it solely relied on the flawed data. One of the other schools that participated, I think it was Johns Hopkins, did a phenomenal job with salvaging the integrity of data so it could be used. My favorite moments from this event was 100% working with my team, but also listening to Johns Hopkins’ presentation. 10/10 would attend this event in my senior year



President of UMW Data Mavens: Primarily coordinate with club leadership to host Datathon, a school-wide data science event, in the Fall and to attend DataFest, the national equivalent of Datathon, in the Spring.


University of Mary Washington | Fredericksburg, VA

B.S. in Economics, Computer Science with a minor in Data Science

Expected 05/2022


Beginning Proficiency: JavaScript, Stata, PostgreSQL,

Intermediate Proficiency: Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, Seaborn, Time Management, Scheduling, Presenting

Comfortable Proficiency: Python, Java, Microsoft Office, Team Communication

Advanced Proficiency: Googling my problems and knowing when to ask for help


  • eSports
  • Cloud9
  • Data Analysis
  • Spicy Food (spicy curry chicken is an effective bargaining tool against me)
  • The Truman Show

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