About me

My name is Christopher Jesus and I’m a rising college senior attending the University of Mary Washington (UMW). I am double majoring in economics and computer science while minoring in data science. I’m apart of the first generation of my family to be raised in the U.S. and go to college!

Whoa! Why are you double majoring AND taking on a minor?

Well, I came into college knowing I wanted to major in econ. I took an amazing AP econ class that I loved and wanted to grow that interest.

While attending orientation at UMW, I didn’t know what classes to pick for my first semester so I asked for advice from one of the orientation staff. I was told the intro to data science class filled up fast for being sought after so I snagged that up. At the same time, I realized I could cross out a general education requirement to graduate by taking the intro to computer science course so I signed up for that too.

By the end of my second semester, I declared my double major and minor.

So what’s your story?

Before I came to college, and somewhat even now, I struggled in school. I wasn’t the kind of kid that would enjoy learning about cell reproduction or past wars or binomial equations. For the longest time, I thought all I needed to do in life was barely graduate high school and then it would be smooth sailing.

It wasn’t until the last semester of my senior year that I really started to grow. The president of the Model U.N. club invited me to an event they were attending. I initially wasn’t going to take the offer, but I didn’t have anything better to do so I went.

Best. Experience. Of. My. High. School. Career.

I didn’t come close to winning any award, but the event had given me a wake-up call: I have potential that I’m not unlocking.

The next event I went to, I got better. I received a “verbal commendation” which translates to “you don’t get a physical award, but we do want to mention you for doing a good job!”

Come the third event, I got second place! Sure, the weather did prevent a lot of the attendees from participating, but I still gave it my all. My school ended up featuring the club on their front page afterwards.

The link to the awards article. “Christopher Jesus – Outstanding Delegate” 03/07/18

In the next and last event of the academic year, I was awarded “best delegate!” I was given a certificate, but these events also hand out a gavel to the best delegate which I keep with me as a memento. Of the time I was in high school, these events were the highlights. These experiences showed me that I have the potential to do whatever I want if I put my mind to it.

When I entered my second semester at UMW, I attended an event called DataFest which is a data analysis competition for undergraduates. Although the content was different, the experience was the same at my first Model U.N. event: I am nowhere near where I can be if I put my mind to it.

Fast forward two years and this is where I am. I’m not perfect, but I am constantly improving myself from the person I used to be to the person I want to be.

General Interests

  • Cloud9
  • spicy food
  • gaming
  • data science

Shout out to Christopher Boose for inviting me to the GarMUN conference!